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Yes! not content with last month's news from abroad, JULIAN (nowhere else is good enough) RIGNALL is continuing in his search for foreign gold. This month he's tracked down quite a few arcade conversions along with some new original stuff, for original-stuff fans.

IT CERTAINLY looks like the arcade conversion fans'll be catered for in a big way in the not-too-distant future. Talking of coin-op conversions, Datasoft are soon to release Elevator Action which is a cross between Gumshoe and Impossible Mission. Also on their way are 'several others'.

Epyx have been busy and are soon to release Two on Two Sports which allows two players to team up against computer opponents in beach versions of volleyball, American football, soccer and baseball. If you can't find a friend then the computer will supply one! Also from Epyx comes Moreta: Dragon-Lady of Pern, the sequel to the award-winning Drangonriders of Pern, and follows the same sort of successful format. A struggle for Global domination is the awesome scenario of Empire as you command land, sea and air forces in an attempt to control the world.

Other games from Epyx are Barbie, a game based around the exploits of the famous globetrotting doll. Speech plays an important part in the game, especially when her boyfriend rings! Hot Wheels is the aptly named game allowing you to make, break and race your own cars. Once you have built your own car you can choose to race it against a friend's.

Watch this space, they'll be here first . . . By the way, please DON'T go ringing me up to ask from where and when they'll be available. Be patient, you lot will be the first to know.


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