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Since work on The Gamebase Collection began, we have had help from many individuals. This page is dedicated to all those involved, without whose help, the collection would not have become a reality.

The Gamebase Team
Michael Plate, James Burrows, Demetrius Kiminas, Martin Pugh, Michael Härtig, Matt Larsen, Rio Baan, John Charroux, Oliver Stadler, Alessio Viti, John Vallender, Steven Feurer.

Main Helpers and Contributors
Ben Castricum - Commodore Internet Archive
Brendan Reid - Commodore Wire
Brett J. Buckley - Software Engineer & Web Designer
Derbyshire Ram - The REMEMBER WebHQ
Dohi - Hungarian Commodore 64 H.Q.
Glenn Larsson - C64 Game Guide
Jack Alien - The REMEMBER WebHQ
Jan van der Berg
Jeff Lewis
Jesper B. Nielsen - Jez's C64 Page
Joe Forster/STA - Star Commander
Karlheinz Langguth - TargetD64 and OrbDemo
Lewin A.R.W.Edwards -
Markus Brenner - Minstrel's C64 Page
Matthew Allen [Mayhem UK] - Mayhem's Page

Norbert Massoth
Per Håkan Sundell - CCS64 (Emulator)
Rob Mundschau
Stephan Andres - T.A.C.'s SuperCPU Homepage
The VICE Team - VICE (Emulator)

Thanks also to
Adam Huemer - Emucamp - Portal
Alexander J. Pirchl
Alwyz/UDI FriedAlive
Andrea Musuruane
Andreas Eibach
Andreas Zippel - Emu Web

Antares - La Pagina de Antares
Bill Reinhart
Bob Black
Christian Link
Christian Widmann [WiDDY/Genesis*Project]
Damien Douxchamps
David C. Bogert
David Hill
David Kinder
David Stein
Dorothy Millard
Ed Martin
Geoffrey M. Drapper
Howard Feldman -
RPG/Adventure Museum
Inge Hoie Pedersen
István Fábian
Jacob Gunness - Classic Adventures Solution Archive
Jaromir Krol
Jeremy Kapp [mjKapp]
Jason Sabourin - Retro View
Johan Fitié - Come Back 64
Juraj Chlebec
Keith Ainsworth - Retrogamer
Kim Lemon -
Lozza - Milltownbrothers
MANIK/CMM - MANIK's Games Collection
Mario Moeller
Mariusz Mlynski [Magnate]
Markus Hassa
Martin Brunner - C64 Walkthoughs and Solutions

Martin Jarl - Stadium 64
Mikael Hägglund
Mike Stewart
Milo Mundt - C64 News - Protovision
- C64 Scene DBase
Neil English - gamebaseZX

Oyvind Antonsen
Oyvind Vevang [Eloquence2001]
Paul David Doherty -
PDD's Adventure Page
Per Bolmstedt - Tomten's HVSC Search
Peter Sandén
Peter Weighill

Reinhard W. [Overdoc]
Scott Halvorson
Stefan Harms
Stefan Kroeger
Sven Schäfer - German C64 Games
The Overkiller - Hokuto Force
Thomas Ennis
Vidar Molokken
Warren Pilkington - The High Voltage SID Collection

If anyone feels like they should be in the credits, please email us and let us know, we tried not to forget anyone!

Lastly, thanks to all the users and supporters of gamebase64 and Quick64 since they were first released. It was your interest that initially provided the motivation to create The Gamebase Collection. :-)




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