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The following list of C64-related links has been categorized to make it easy for you to find what you want quickly. We do not have the time to keep a huge list of links, so only what we consider to be the best quality sites will be listed. If you would like your site to be listed here, or you find any broken links, please email the webmaster.

If you would like to link to from your own website then please do! :-) You can also link to us with this link-button...


The Gamebase Frontend Site

C64 News and Scene

Commodore Wire - The #1 source for C64 news, links and information.

Fairlight - Scene news and C64/Amiga tools.

Open Directory Project - Quality Commodore links.

Cascade C64/Amiga - Games, Demos and Scene Website

All Commodore Links - Host of Crackerbase64, a database of C64 Cracking Group intros for use with the Gamebase64 program.

C64 Emulators for the PC

CCS64 - Probably the most popular C64 emulator (DOS and Win32)

VICE - A very popular freeware emulator (DOS and Win32).

C64S - A very compatible emulator, runs well on low spec PC's (DOS only).

PC64 - A freeware emulator, also runs well on low spec PCs (DOS and Win32).

Come Back 64 - A very new freeware emulator with lots of support and interest (runs on loads of platforms).

Frodo - Less commonly used, but still a good freeware emulator! (Win32 only).

C64 Tools

Star Commander - The well known, invaluable set of C64 tools!

TargetD64 - A useful game-launching FrontEnd.

64HDD - A PC emulation program that lets the real C64 hardware access the PC as a hard drive and CDROM over a X1541 or XE1541 cable (meaning you can load directlty from D64, etc images).

C64 Games

Commodore Internet Archive - Great collection of games, nicely laid out.

Lemon64 - One of the best looking sites around, with a busy dissussion forum and the best C64 game cover scan archive on the web.

Newcomer - The greatest C64 RPG ever? Well, it sure is the largest and newest!

Stadium64 - Up-to-date site focusing on C64 Sports games.

Redump 64 - Great site for TAP games! :-)

C64.COM - Loadsa games!!

C64 Roms - Focusing on games but has other sections too.

Arnold FTP Archive - The most well known FTP archive for C64 games! (contains the Blast Collection used with gamebase64).

Banana Republic FTP Archive - This archive has over 4000 games.

C64 - Exactly what it says, brilliant web search engine!

Emu-Web - As well as games, you can download gamebase64 and the game-screenshots from here.

Server 64 - Dedicated to C64 emulation.

T.A.C./s SuperCPU Home No.1 - An excellent site dedicated to adapting complex muliti-load games for the CMD disk drives and the SuperCPU. Removing multiloaders also helps running them on emulators faster!

Total 64 - Nice selection of games with good descriptions. This site has loads of interesting sections.

The Almighty C64 - Games with descriptions and screenshots. Also has a Win95/98/NT based D64 Editor.

The Living Daylights C64 Homepage - Lots of games laid out with screenshots.

Total Breakout - Great site focusing on Breakout style games!

Other good game sites: -
Commodore Zone | Jez's C64 Page | Area64 | Shoot! | Commodore 64 Search | Commodore FTP Search | C64 Dungeon Magazine | Hungarian Commodore 64 H.Q. | C64 |

SID Music

SidPlay - The brilliant sid playing utility!

The High Voltage Sid Collection - The largest and best collection of sid tunes in the world.

SidFind - Search engine for sid tunes.

Tomten's HVSC Search Engine - Cheers Tomten! ;-) - Professionally remixed C64 music.

Last Ninja 2 Tribute CD - in MP3 format! Not exactly SID music, but as close as you can get!!


gamebaseZX - gamebase64 for the ZX Spectrum!

Hi Toro - Home of CAFE (gamebase64 for the Amiga!)

Retro View - Reviews, Tips & High Scores for Arcades, Atari, Commodore, Spectrum, Consoles... - "Your ONE STOP emulation site!" (and they ain't kidding!)

Peek 'n' Poke - General emulation news site with game downloads for lots of systems.

Unusual Gaming Page - Focuses on C64, Amiga, Gameboy and Snes.

Alessio Viti Web - Alessio's (of the GB team) own web site. Home of Megabase, his cool frontend for various emulated systems.

The Commodore Billboard - The Internet's largest collection of Commodore adverts, brochures and TV-commercials.

The Computer and Book RPG/Adventure Museum - And the tears of nostalgia flow...

The DEF Guide to... ZZAP!64 - Iain Black's UK C64 mags' site, with ZZAP!64 figuring prominently!

Zzap! Ed - Mr.Gordon Houghton, ZZAP!64 Editor Eternal (in other words, he still cares!), maintains a site devoted to his Editorial years. Perhaps he should publish issue 107 someday...

The Commodore Format Library - Peter James Holl's site featuring scans of Commodore Format!

Wanderer's C64 NTSC Intro & Demo Page - An old scener's site!

Non Emulation

Robot Duck - Some of the best Shockwave games you can play!





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