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There is only one rule we ask you to abide by when sending us emails: -

Please don't email us with questions about any of the C64 emulators. We didn't write the emulators, so please email the authors instead!

Now with that out the way, here's how you can reach the gamebase64 team: -

Project Leader:

Michael Plate
a.k.a. "The Borg", a.k.a. "Desperado"
If you have games in the missing and bugged game lists and would like to contribute them to the collection, you should email Michael.

gamebase64 and Quick64! Author:

James Burrows
Any questions or suggestions about gamebase64, Quick64! or the web site should be mailed to James.

Other Team Members:

Any questions about The Gamebase Collection can be mailed to any of the following team members: -

Demetrius Kiminas
Project Leader's Sidekick, and current site maintainer.

Michael Härtig
a.k.a. "Heart Soft"

Matt Larsen

Rio Baan

John M Charroux
a.k.a. "-J2002C-"
Martin Pugh
Oliver Stadler
a.k.a. "Very Important Veterinary"

Alessio Viti

John Vallender
a.k.a. "Graveyard John"
Steven Feurer






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