Games With Bugs List
Last updated 10 November 2002
78 buggy games

New/Changed entries since last update are listed with 'bold' letters
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The Gamebase Collection contains the following games, but they are buggy in one way or another and are not 100% working with the emulators. If you find (or own) a working version of any of these games and would like to contribute them to the collection, please email Michael Plate.

Please take note of the Publisher for the game, not just the game name, to be sure you have the correct game.

Name Publisher Comment
0 Grad Nord Axis Komputerkunst/Ariolasoft files on both sides are corrupt
3D-Lab Happy Computer [01/1989] memory content $0a21-$0a29 is missing - listing was incomplete
Algernon Pembroke Hill School loading screen is corrupt
Battle Droidz Starlight Software Red LED sprite is corrupt
Beyond Dark Castle Activision Single-sided trained version doesn't find the disk after cancelling the Info-Screen. We have an untrained 2-disk-version
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Capstone graphic looks crap
Blitz Troop (Unknown) doesn't work (yet)
Blues Brothers on a Mission Champion Software when player dies he "hangs"
Bomber Run Softcell doesn't work (yet)
Bucks! Bruce Jaeger unable to start game via bootloader, sprites are corrupt when loading main part directly
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Tynesoft one-sided version crashes after last event but we have a working 4-disk-version
Bumble Plot The Learning Company doesn't work due to copy protection
Candy Land - A Child's First Game Gametek 3rd pic of intro (Royal Peppermint Forest) has glitches
Castles (Unknown) score-lines bugged
Catacombs of Gold (Unknown) main part is missing (CATACOMB 1)
Cloud Walker (Unknown) bugged graphics
Confused? (Unknown) only puzzles are 1-8 playable, need tape to load the rest
Cosmic Balance, The SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) intro will crash when doing nothing
Crazy Conveyors
[1985 version]
Computer Easy Inc. (CEI) /
Bytes and Bits
file SCREEN16 is corrupted
Crazy Dream 7 (Created with B.D.C.K.) crashes after game over
Dallax - Sex und Crime in Southfork A&S Software 2nd disk seems to have errors
Dave Winfield's Batter Up! Avant-Garde Publishing Corporation file "STRATEGY.OVR" on 2nd disk is corrupt
DDT Bob Sieahuis game hangs when saving the highscores
Deja Vu Ariolasoft/Axis Komputerkunst many corrupt files on 4th disk
Dimension 4 - The Ludwig Mystify (Public Domain) 2nd disk has read error
Dracula's Lair Dracula Software file YLOPONOM is missing
Einstein Memory Manager, The (Unknown) file LESSON3 corrupt on 2nd disk
Energy Manager [unofficial English version by Talent] files B.ABRECH and B.WASCHMAS are corrupt on 2nd disk
Explorer - Die Phantatische Reise Happy Software/Markt & Technik 2nd level is missing
Galactic Battle [German BASIC game] corrupt listing
Gamestar Golf Gamestar doc-files are missing
Golf's Best (Pinehurst 2) 1 Step Software, Inc. some holes are corrupt (e.g. PINHURST#2 06)
Graphic AdventureWriter Gilsoft errors on disk in file "PICT6"
Herakles - The Early Trials Tunstallsoft picture & long-description files are missing
Hide 'n Sequence (Unknown) some corrupt files
Ho! Ho! Ho! (Unknown) doesn't work
I.Q. Baseball Davka Corporation file "MAJOR LEAGUE.REL" is corrupt
Jasg Magic Disk 64/CP Verlag leveleditor doesn't work
King-Kong Quest [AdventureWriter game by MarJon Bros] several files are corrupt
Magic Stone [English] Audiogenic Software Ltd. files BG.MAGI and BG.MAGIC are missing
Mandragore [English] Infogrames level files are missing
Match-Wits Softweaver file SCR53 seems to miss
Nam - La Mission Del Deber (Unknown) corrupt title
Nightmare on Elm Street, A
Monarch Software single sided trained version doesn't work. We have an untrained 2-disk-version
No Limit 576 KByte file "ED.*" is corrupt
Passeggeri Del Vento Infogrames file "E3" is corrupt
Patience Polly (Unknown) crashes when pressing F1
Pharaonengrab [translated by J.Hader] doesn't work
Pond, The Sunburst Communications instruction file SBPINSTR is missing
Poor Wizard Piersoft Milano corrupt highscore-table
Profi Boulder 057-059 (Created with Boulder Dash C.K.) diashow-files are missing
Quadrouge Art Concepts score display is corrupt
Risk Joker Software doesn't work (yet)
Roll 'Em H.M. Westerweel instruction file is missing
Savage Island
Adventure International crashes after "S, CLIMB VOLCANO, ENTER VOLCANO, ENTER LAKE, SWIM WEST"
Schiffe versenken (by Lothar Gruber) corrupt BASIC listing
Search for Reaper The Guild Adventure Software enlarged font is corrupted
Sex Mission A&S Software faulty data on 1st and 2nd disk, e.g. T30 S5 is copy of 30/4
Silicon Slick's Lowball Draw Poker (Unknown) unable to change options
Simpsons - Help Homer Man (Created with Pinball Constr. Set) bad crack - game crashes when hi-res mode is selected with F4
Snapman [Pac Man clone by David Rees] sound is corrupted and can't move right with joystick (keyboard works)
Speed Rumbler, The Capcom trained version crashes with deactivated trainer option. We have a working untrained version
Stickybear Basketbounce Weekly Reader/
Optimum Resource, Inc.
files of screen "04" and "05" are buggy
Super Sunday NEXUS files are missing
Tennis (Systems) Systems Editiorale doesn't work (yet)
Tetris 2 Solar Software missing music files
Ticket to Spain Blue Lion Software files MOSQ.SQZ and BULL.SQZ have illegal sector links
Time Traveller [English] Audiogenic Software Ltd. files BG.TIM and BG.TIME are missing
Tit Bit Golden Disk 64/CP Verlag a sprite, which appears first in level 8, is corrupt
Tronic Golden Games loading part 2 from the menu crashes the game, it must be loaded separately
Under the Ground TimSoft the only full version we have (F4CG) crashes after level 3
Unknown, The (Unknown) [Text Adventure] second part is missing
Wargames Infocomp [not the Coleco game] game has graphical bugs
Wembley Greyhounds Cult Software crashes when starting a race
Word of Mouth dilithium Press question disk is missing
World Flipper - Egypt (Created with Pinball Constr. Set) doesn't work
World of Trivia (Public Domain) doesn't work - disk is corrupt
X-Rated Adventure, The Hornysoft file "ROOM60" is corrupt

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