Missing Games List
Last updated 10th November 2002
54 missing games

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We are on the lookout for the following games. If you find (or own) any of them and would like to contribute them to the collection, please email Michael Plate.

The additional number in the release year column is the magazine issue where a type in game can be found.

Please take note of the Publisher and Year for the game, not just the game name, to be sure you have the correct game.

Name Publisher Year
007 - The Quiz A&S Software 1986
Adventure Master [both disk sides] CBS Software 1984
Alien HC - Mein Home-Computer 11/1984
Blumen HC - Mein Home-Computer 10/1984
Bombing Run [English version] Granada Publishing Ltd. 1983
Bouldi Dash 06 (Created with Boulder Dash Constr. Kit) 1989
Chaser HC - Mein Home-Computer 01/1985
Chessmaster 2100 [both disk sides] The Software Toolsworks 1988
Chopper Land A.R. Software 1983
Crown No.1 64'er/Markt & Technik 07/1984
Dino Wars [original copy] Magic Bytes/DigiTek Software 1990
Dots & Boxes A.R. Software 1983
Duell HC - Mein Home-Computer 08/1984
Evolution Crysor Kingsoft 1989
Fun School I Database Educational Software 198?
Fun School IV [not "Over 7's] EuroPress Software 19??
Future Shock (Unknown) [Textadventure by Ralf Werner] 198?
Garten Eden Happy Computer/Markt & Technik 07/1984
Goblin 64 HC - Mein Home-Computer 06/1985
Groovy Garden Central Solutions 1986
The Heist [version with loading screen] Micro Fun 1984
Hexapawn A.R. Software 1983
Highway HC - Mein Home-Computer 06/1984
Hot Girls A&S Software 1988
Idol Basys Soft 1987
Krieg der Kerne Happy Computer/Markt & Technik 01/1988
Lifegame HC - Mein Home-Computer 04/1985
Lonely Driver Happy Computer/Markt & Technik 04/1985
Lord of the Flies CBS Software 1987
Malice in Wonderland Sentient Software 1985
Matterhorn Tigervision 1984
Mission Malta Stephan de la Motte 1988
Morgol Synapse Software 1983
Mystery of the Java Star Shards Software 1984
Operation Market Garden SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.) 1984
Orakel Happy Computer/Markt & Technik 06/1984
Pirate Base Pirate Software 1988
Quann Tula 8th Day Software 1985
Quo Vadis (Unknown) [not the game by The Edge] 1988
Reversi HC - Mein Home-Computer 05/1985
Riddle of the Redstone Software Investments Plus, Inc. 1987
River Raid 64 HC - Mein Home-Computer 04/1985
Shadowkeep Telarium Corp. 198?
Shogoth Systems Editoriale/DW Software 19??
Shooting Gallery HC - Mein Home-Computer 03/1985
Soul of a Robot Mastertronic 19??
St. Pauli SVS 1988
Starquest Videoteca Computer/DW Software 19??
Street Cat Epyx [US release of "Bad Cat"] 1988
Tight Rope [English version] Granada Publishing Ltd. 1983
Vengeance of Zeno Anirog Software 1983
Wrath of Magra Mastertronic 1985
Yellow Submarine Happy Software/Markt & Technik 1984
Zkul Talent Computer Systems 1986

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