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New Universal Emulator GameBase!
A beta is now available for download!

Gamebase64 - The C64 Frontend
Note: Gamebase64 will soon cease to be supported and will be completely replaced by the new GameBase.

What's gamebase64?

Main Program and Database
The base release and full download package for gamebase64 is Version 1.2. This has the runtimes needed along with the main program and database. There is an update to v1.21, which adds VICE support, but the latest version is v1.3b. Although this was released as a beta version, it is quite stable and has had no bug reports. Version 1.3b also has a few extra features so it is worth upgrading to.

gamebase64 v1.2 Main Program and database - 5mb
You need to download and install this before you upgrade to v1.21 or v1.3b.

gamebase64 v1.21 VICE Support Update - 257k
This adds support for the VICE emulator. You must have v1.2 installed on your computer before running this update.

gamebase64 v1.3b Latest version - 280k
New features. Must have v1.2 already installed.

NEW! - Improved database for v1.3b!
Andreas Eibach has compiled a database for use with v1.3b of gamebase64. It is far more accurate than the one distributed in v1.2 and is definitely worth upgrading to! Click here to see the changes in this new database.

gb64 v1.3b new database and screenshots - 3.5mb
Unpack the screenshots in this zip file into your existing gamebase64 Screenshots folder. Please backup your old database before unpacking this new one if you do not want to lose it!

Game Screenshots
If you want to view the game screenshots when you click on games in gamebase64, you need to download these screenshot packs: -

Screenshot Pack 1, Screenshot Pack 2
Screenshot Pack 3, Screenshot Pack 4
Screenshot Pack 5, Screenshot Pack 6
Screenshot Pack 7, Screenshot Pack 8

Or you can get them all in one 10mb zip file here.

After downloading, unzip them to gamebase64's Screenshots folder.

You can also get gamebase64 and the screenshots from here (German site) and here (Hungarian site)!

Games and Sids
The gamebase64 package does not come with game and sid files, but the database is ready to run games and sids from the Blast Collection and the HVSID Collection. You need to download these before you can use them in gamebase64. Remember, you can add your own game and sid files to gamebase64, so if you don't wish to download these collections you don't have to... gamebase64 will still run and you can simply link your own games and sids to the database instead.

You can get the Blast Collection from the Arnold FTP Archive.

It's worth mentioning that although you can add more games to gamebase64, when GameBase is released along with The Gamebase Collection, the new database will contain pretty much every game you can think of, so you might not wish to spend too much time adding games that will be available when the Gamebase Collection is released.


Quick64! - C64 Game QuickLaunch Utility
What's Quick64!?

Quick64! comes in two distributions: one with the runtime files and one without. You will need to download the version with runtimes if you do not already have gamebase64 installed on your computer.

Quick64! v1.0b FULL with Runtimes - 2mb
Download this if you don't have gamebase64 installed.

Quick64! v1.0b Program Only - 960k
Download this if you do have gamebase64 installed.


Bolyx - A remake of Firebird's Zolyx!

Based on the 1987 C64 game Zolyx from Firebird Software, Bolyx feebly attempts to recreate the addictive feel of the game whilst adding a plot and highscore saver. You'll need the Visual Basic 6 runtime library to play this game, which you've already got if you have Gamebase64 or Quick64! installed.


Bolyx v1.1 - 297k





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