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The C64 Emulator FrontEnd

Click to view!   gamebase64 is a Windows based FrontEnd for the C64 emulators CCS64 and VICE on the PC. It's purpose is to house a database of C64 games and sid tunes and make them readily available to play in the emulator of your choice by just clicking on the game name, thus removing all the fuss of manually loading the emulator and game by hand.

Games, SIDs and Screenshots
gamebase64's interface allows you to browse the games in your database. When you click a game, you get to see a screenshot of the game in action, along with options to play the game and listen to the game's sid tune.

Comes with Pre-configured Database
gamebase64 comes with a pre-configured database with over 2500 popular C64 games. Many of the games (those from the Blast Collection) are already setup to run - all you need to do is point gamebase64 to your Blast Collection path. Also configured is the sid tune entries for the games, for which you will need to download the HVSID Collection.

Please note: No games or sids are included in the gamebase64 download, you need to download these manually yourself. Check the other sites section for C64 game and sid sites.

Category Window for easy searching
Click to view!   For searching, there is a Category window which allows you to easily pick a category (publisher / year / musician / genre etc.) and view all the games in the chosen category. For instance, it's possible to view all games by Mastertronic or all Text Adventure games. There is also a text search for games and sids.

Supported Emulators
gamebase64 supports the following emulators: -
CCS64 v1.09 / v2.0b and VICE.

Sidplay for Windows is used to play the sidtunes.

Supported C64 Game-Files
gamebase64 supports C64 games in the following format: -
D64, T64, TAP, PRG, P00, LNX, ZIP, LHA/LZH, GZ, Zipcoded (1!2!3!4!).

Where can I get it?
Visit the download page to get the latest version (v1.3b), along with the optional game screenshots.

New Universal Emulator GameBase!
A beta is now available for download!




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