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graveyardjohn says: Entertaining 'R-Type' a-like, but for two players. Excellent levels are only let down by the wimpy end of level baddies, but a very enjoyable blast nonetheless.

Steve says: Those were the times when games with a unique idea and amazing addiction were published. I guess most people ever having owned a commodore 64 rate this game very high and most probable rank it in their personal all-time-favorite-list.

Trolls and Tribulations
Matt Larsen says: Not many people ever talk about this gem. Fantastic music ballads. It had me hooked as a kid. To this day I don't think I have ever found a trained version.

Neo-Rio says: This is another wacky game to timewarp you back to the 80s. Collect demo tapes, then blast pedestrians with the music! Deliver the tape before some freak breaks your ghettoblaster!

graveyardjohn says: One you'll keep coming back to, even though you've seen 90% of the game after about 7 minutes play. There is no Dana, only Zuul...

$100,000 Pyramid, The
J2003C says: This is a pretty lame game that only has appeal on TV because of the celebrities that play. There are no celbrities here, so there is little appeal. If you love fast word association games, then you might like this one... maybe!

Way of the Exploding Fist, The
Neo-Rio says: The great music, the fantastic graphics, the intelligent gameplay, are all things we remember about this fighting game. Not to mention the sampled Bruce Lee "Hiiyaaah" taken from the movie "Enter the Dragon", heard on the loading screen.

Pi.R Squared
Neo-Rio says: Weird action/puzzle game this one. Collect the equation by running around the cogs in the right order. Amazingly frustrating game (don't throw your joystick!), but will surprisingly hook you.

Skate or Die!
graveyardjohn says: Tony Hawks Pro Skater, but 10 years earlier! Get with 'the kids' and take on your mates (or the computer) on a variety of different activities, including half-pipe, downhill jam, and a battle in an empty swimming pool.

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