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Here are some pages to provoke a few arguments! There were certainly plenty at the Zzap! office while they were being written. What we've done is to select from the hundreds of '64 games available our 64 favourite all time '64 greats. In order.

If you're looking for a new game we can heartily recommend any one of these titles (at least, most of us recommend most of them -- there were arguments, remember). And if you think our selection is up the creek, you should: (1) get your head seen to, (2) write and tell us to get our heads seen to, (3) use the form at the end of this feature to vote your favourite games into our top 64.

Most games reviewed in this issue haven't been considered, and neither have text-input adventures or titles available only on disk.

ZZAP! HITS, ZZAP!64, May 1985

When reading these, pls have in mind that the text was written back in April 1985, when the C64 software pool was just beginning to rise. The games listed here were the best games of the pre-ZZAP!64 era, and their inclusion was deemed necessary for the reader to know the software background of the C64 at the time the first issue of ZZAP! came out. I'm looking for an individual possessing all issues of Personal Computer Games, the mag that, although multi-format, contained more C64 game reviews for 1984 than any other. Also, all C64 reviews from pre-1985 C&VG would do fine... If you have them and are willing to make photocopies for me in order to htmlize them (all costs covered), pls contact me!

07. Staff of Karnath

08. Guardian

09. Suicide Express

/ Black Thunder

10. Ancipital

11. Spy vs Spy

12. H.E.R.O.

13. Tapper

14. Pyjamarama

15. Bruce Lee

16. Poster Paster

17. Spy Hunter

18. Summer Games

19. Raid Over Moscow

20. Matchpoint

21. Forbidden Forest

22. Stellar 7

23. Quo Vadis

24. Gogo the Ghost

25. 1985

26. Zenji

27. Hercules

28. Football Manager

29. Super Pipeline

30. Solo Flight

31. Colossus Chess 2.0

32. Jammin'



More arguments here. These are the games which hit the charts but we think shouldn't have. They represent a triumph of marketing hype over quality. Mind you, it's possible some of you won't quite agree…

ZZAP! HITS, ZZAP!64, May 1985

Note that these games are not the worst games of the era, rather, as the ZZAP! reviewers said, games that although not exceptional (or plain mediocre) sold in very high numbers thanks to the promotion they received at the time of their release...



We proudly present the first ever
Zzap readers' games chart

Last month we printed our own top 64 games, but now we've handed over to you and it seems for the most part you've agreed with us.

IMPOSSIBLE MISSION, our number two, raced away to number one, with our personal favourite BOULDERDASH being a clear second. INTERNATIONAL SOCCER bounced up to number three, while the rest of the top ten all had to fight hard for their places.

ZZAP! HITS, ZZAP!64, June 1985

Some more cool pre-zzap games were voted by ZZAP! readers in the Top64 charts of issues 2 and 3 (after issue 3 the Top64 was shortened to a Top30).
Here they are:



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