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I hate this type of platform game -- slow and far too demanding. A good platform game shouldn't rely so heavily on pixel perfect jumps -- most of the time no skill is involved, just a lot of luck.
Spiky Harold is frustrating -- far too much for my liking -- and in a way very challenging. It does represent good value for money if you like this sort of platform game -- I don't, though.



I don't like this sort of game either. Sitting there for ages waiting for a nasty to get to the right position so Spiky can jump isn't my idea of fun; it makes the game so-o-o boring to play. The graphics are exactly the same as the Spectrum and Amstrad versions -- bland -- but the sound is OK. If you're into these sort of games have a look. If you're not, don't.



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Spiky Harold
1986 Firebird
Programmed by Simon Clarke
Most text of the present article comes from the review published in the eighteenth issue of the British C64 magazine ZZAP!64 (street date: September 11th, 1986).

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Firebird, 1.99 cass, joystick or keys

It's been a long, hard summer for poor old Spiky Harold, a young rebel of a hedgehog if ever there was one. Harold's been getting a bit sleepy of late, what with all this energetic scampering across juggernaut infested roads, and so he's decided it's time for a long nap, or hibernation for all you biological bods.

But a whole winter is a long time to go without any grub, especially for such a fatty as Spiky. So he has to go on a search for food, in the form of apples. Spiky must be guided through a labyrinth of chambers residing under his hedge -- unfortunately some other creatures have also taken to inhabiting the chambers and they're not too happy with this invasion of their privacy. Although they don't actively attack Spiky, they give him a bash if he touches them and in doing so he loses one of his twenty lives.

Spiky's energy is measured by the amount of lives and time remaining. Extra lives can be obtained by collecting life force coins, but time . . . well Spiky has only 24 hours in which to collect his provisions -- after this the winter frost sets in and he will perish. Poor old Spiky.


To be honest, Spiky Harold is quite an attractive game, but it's too frustrating. There's very little skill involved as such -- the best way to complete it is to solve one screen at a time, working out the best possible route to follow. This is a very slow and laborious process. If you want a fast and furious platform game then this isn't for you, but it's worth checking out if you're more into puzzles. Nice music too!


Presentation 76%

A variety of options and an adequate title screen.

Graphics 47%
Simple and lacking in colour.

Sound 80%
Great title screen tune but annoying in-game soundtrack

Hookability 51%
Easy enough to get into but not very absorbing.

Lastability 44%
Highly frustrating to play, but there is quite a bit to see and do if you are willing to persevere.

Value For Money 55%
There are better platform games available but very few are as cheap.

Overall 48%
Masochistic platform freaks will love it.



Htmlized by Dimitris Kiminas (28 Feb 2010)
Only the first of above screenshots existed in the original review.

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