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This is a strange but very playable and addictive variation on the arcade adventure theme -- although it doesn't look like it initially. It's very well thought out and a little on she tough side, but it continually had me coming back for more. Unlike most arcade adventures, the action is fast and furious and really gets the adrenalin flowing. Overall, a very good first release from Micropool, and I eagerly await more of the same.



When you first see this you think: 'Ah!
Elevator Action!' -- but it's not. Well, not exactly. Micropool haven't quite copied the arcade game -- they've made it more of an arcade adventure. The result is a very playable and addictive game. The graphics aren't bad at all -- the baddy sprites are really good -- but sound is lacking, and only a few FX and jingles are in evidence. Still, if you're after an action adventure with a liberal dosage of reflex-testing arcade action, then look no further than this.




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Mission Elevator
1986 Micropool
Programmed by Rolf Lakamper
Most text of the present article comes from the review published in the seventeenth issue of the British C64 magazine ZZAP!64 (street date: July 21st, 1986).

Micropool, 9.95 cass, 12.95 disk, joystick or keys

Announcement from Headquarters . . . a difficult and dangerous mission exists . . . we need a strong, tough and intelligent guy . . . inform headquarters if you think you are the right man . . .

Well, are you man enough to take on this dangerous mission? Don't worry, it's not set in a rundown alley or anything like that. No, when the FBI set up a HQ they do it in style, in a well furnished hotel. However, all is not well -- the place has been infiltrated and is now overrun by Secret Service agents. It is your job to enter the hotel and defeat the lot of them, single handedly. You see, these SS blokes have gone and planted a bomb in the hotel, and if you don't defuse it by the given deadline then -- kaboom! -- the whole place goes up in smoke.

To stop the countdown of the detonator you need to find a code which consists of sixteen parts. Each part of the code specifies a direction, and they are given in a strict order which must be remembered.

The hotel consists of sixty two floors split into eight levels, each containing two parts of the code. It is possible to travel around a section of eight floors by using the lifts which are in abundance. To get to the next section of eight floors you have to go through the emergency exit, but first you must perform two tasks.

Firstly, you must find a key to open all the blue doors. Then, you must search the doors to find a porter, who happily provides a key to the emergency exits, thus helping you achieve entry onto the next level. Unfortunately, the porter is not behind every door -- no, sometimes there is an enemy agent or worse still, a woman who removes all her clothes. This costs you 100 points (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say n' more).

There are also lots of other objects around the place. To search for them you can bend down and examine the various items of furniture. For example, if you look at the fire extinguisher you put out all the lights, so you need to find a match box to light the candles if you want to see again. You may come across a small table on which you can play a game of dice, or you can get extremely drunk at the bar -- providing you have found the money -- and this extracts a piece of code from the barman.

You can perform several feats of acrobatics, including flying kicks, ducking (especially useful when avoiding bullets from the enemy agents), shooting, and of course, standard movements of left and right. Opening doors and general examination of objects is achieved by pressing down and left or right.

Good luck, prospective agent, you'll need it!


This game is full of neat little touches, such as the fire extinguisher and the dice game. But don't be deceived, this is a real mean game. The enemy agents appear where you expect them least, and shoot like mad. It you've got quick reflexes you should be able to shoot them all, leaving them crumpled up on the floor. The sound is nothing remarkable but the graphics make up for this, as they are bright and really jolly. At the price it represents a good buy and it will keep you going for ages.


Presentation 87%

Slick in all aspects.

Graphics 82%
Colourful and jolly, especially the baddies who are well drawn and animated.

Sound 43%
Reasonable jingles and FX

Hookability 84%
Entertaining from the outset.

Lastability 83%
A difficult game, requiring fast reflexes and a cool head.

Value For Money 80%

Overall 84%
A great Elevator Action orientated arcade adventure.


Htmlized by Dimitris Kiminas (20 Mar 2007)

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