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Top 17 free online flash games to kill your free time

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Top 17 free online flash games to kill your free time

Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:21 am

Getting tired with your daily work? Why don’t you enter online games? They are low-cost with low-maintenance titles so that office-workers can comfortably check out to kill the hours at lunch and home time. Here’s the best list of top most favorite flash games to keep all of us entertained all day. 

1. Bejeweled 

Create sets of three diamonds

Named initially Diamond Mine; Bejeweled is a classic online flash game involving the movement of all multi-colored gems around to create some sets of three. Simple but addictive.

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2. Chimgam

No one knows where this game was from. However, this is undoubtedly one of the funniest but craziest games that we've ever experienced. It doesn’t seem so smart to play, but we keep playing it.

3. Bow Man

Set a time and stick to the man on the screen. As a quite fun game to kill the company time, the Bow Man game will challenge the gamers to shoot their enemies as exactly as possible. Remember to calculate the correct angles and predict the right power of the bow. 

4. Desktop Tower Defense

You're sitting and resting at your desk, obeying working on the 4th cup of tea. However, suddenly, a large group of creeps attacks you. What will you do? Set up all the cannons correctly, of course. Then, blow all the creeps to smithereens. The Desktop Tower Defense game is a must-play game and personal favorite of all time.

5. Neopets Hasee Bounce

Dodging dung has never been fun like what you have with this exciting game. All the simplicity but fun can be found while playing Neopets Hasee Bounce. This blast requires the players to control some cute creatures bouncing in the air and consuming doughnut fruit.

6. Line Rider

We’re quite sure that almost every person in this world should play this game. Despite the simple look, Line Rider will attract all of us and waste hours after experiencing it for just minutes. See yourself creating incredibly impossible and wacky courses (only for the brave) instantly.

7. The Last Stand

Defeat the zombies

All huge fans of Resident Evil will quickly fall right into the attraction of The Last Stand.  Satisfy your whole daytime with zombie-killing needs. Once you upgrade through levels,  you will gradually receive more weapons. No longer worry about the coming zombies because nothing can match your head-blasting skills.

8. Portal: The Flash Version

Based on the mind-bending Orange Box version is one of the best online pc games to play which is inspired by Valve, the platformer Portal is such a strong testament to the powerful flash game world. This game is more sophisticated than other flash games. The Portal: The Flash Version game is also a good-looking flash game loved by many.

9. The Helicopter Game

This mini-game just looks like a typical game designed for the usual Commodore 64. Nonetheless, The Helicopter Game is a real future level of the mouse-tapping game world. You will have to keep the helicopter not touching the edges. 

How to finish the game is simple. The players will hold the left-click to fly higher and let the left mouse button to drop. It might sound quite challenge-free, but achieving a high score is quite tricky.

10. YetiSports

Feel the love with YetiSports right away. The original version of YetiSports may be the best flash game ever made. Follow the game’s rule to win because it is quite simple. Time your swing to smack the penguin as possible. Try beat one level to another!

11. Winterbells

Cute game interface

Inspired by Orisinal, Winterbells is supposed to be the cutest online mini-games out there. The players will see a tiny rabbit jumping in the air and bouncing off bells. Although it is not complex at all, all users are not able to skip it. Let your bunny go higher!

12. N

The N game shows us how the ninja can be laden with gold. In N, the gamers will have to play as a ninja collecting gold as much as possible. Be careful of all the lasers and obstacles. Any wrong move can turn you into ninja toast.

13. Dino Run

Love the historical period? In Dino Run, you all become a dinosaur which is being seriously chased by a “pyroclastic wall of doom'’. Using your keyboard smartly will protect your brave dinosaur from the danger. Strengthen the power and boost the evolutionary process along the road by collecting eggs. 

14. Crimson room

This game is not suitable for an impatient person. However, enjoy it immediately if you are a fan of problem-solving cases. This fantastic game will entertain and relax you for hours. You will start the adventure in a red-colored room, utilize your wits carefully to help you out. Accept the challenge!

15. Balloons

Simple but fun is the description for this exciting game. The flash game aims is to burst all balloons as much as possible with the kind assistance of your reliable monkey. Each level will present a different challenge. In case, you are interested in driving and racing games, don't hesitate to click the link below: https://www.mantigames.com/driving-racing-games/car/  

16. Grow Cube 

Grow Cube is possibly one of the most frustrating and addictive games out there. Grow Cube require the attendants to utilize their concentration and deduction for the victory. Remember to time to add the correct element. Otherwise, your cube will grow nowhere.

17. Dolphin Olympics 2

Guide your lovely dolphin

In Dolphin Olympics 2, players will be a dolphin which loves acrobatics and altitude. You may have already experienced addictive games, but Dolphin Olympics 2 will impress you a lot. Follow the specific introduction! And, try to win all the levels. It is quite enjoyable to play with your friends and family.
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Re: What is GameBase64 Browser?

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With sales pitches, it helps to provide a link to the program http://sidmusic.org/gamebase64browser/

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