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DATs for all GameBases and DemoBases

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DATs for all GameBases and DemoBases

Thu Feb 08, 2024 8:34 pm

This topic is about RomVault DATs Set for all the GameBases and DemoBases floating around.

I started in September last year with a first set for both DemoBases and GameBases and I'm in the review phase where I complete/fix/standardize as much as possible sets.

This was a tough journey and this is still not complete.

For the ones interested, the link for DemoBases (and soon GameBases) DATs is at the bottom.

For GameBases creators, feel free to report issues, typos, etc.. as the objective is to have the most complete sets for collectors arounds.

A few notes and changes I did apply to collected sets (through Mega links, Archives and Torrents):

1) Missing games have been added to ensure we get as much as possible a 0/XXXX when doing check
2) Folders have been standardized (i.e. Screens -> Screenshots, Roms -> Games, etc...)
3) Config Files are pointing to .\ instead of D:\ or C:\ or whatever. Note that for some this was not possible to fix it or I do not spent enough time to do it :-)
4) config files have been reset (i.e. Number of launch = 0)

Of course I do missed a few and I'm more than happy if you report them here so I can update the DATs.

Regarding naming convention of the DATs, I tried my best to get the proper version of the GameBase, writing the Author(s) names properly and according to what I found here and there (i.e. some have upper case, some only lower, etc...). Once again, feel free to let me know and I will correct them.

Last, I'm not full time job on this DATs Set, so If I do not do the fix and answer the next seconds, don't be frustrated :-) I will for sure answer and takes comments !

So, to summarize:
1) Of you are aware of a newer version -> Tell me
2) Typo, wrong info, errors, missing files -> Tell me
3) Missing set (i.e. Playstation 5 GameBase) -> Tell me

I'm also on the Discord chan, where it will be easier to reach me :-)

DemoBases Set - 2024-01-26

GameBases Set - 2024-02-XX

Enjoy !


PS: Thanks to Handyman for his Database of all GameBases, this help me a lot !
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Re: DATs for all GameBases and DemoBases

Fri Feb 09, 2024 7:22 pm

You're welcome, ardrider! :lol:
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Re: DATs for all GameBases and DemoBases

Sun Feb 11, 2024 9:45 pm

:-p Sorry for the additional H :-)

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