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Does gb64 support the Denise emulator?

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Does gb64 support the Denise emulator?

Thu Nov 09, 2023 5:57 am

I didn't see it on the emulator wizard list when I was setting it up? Not a big deal though. Just asking
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Re: Does gb64 support the Denise emulator?

Thu Nov 09, 2023 4:29 pm

it's more like the other way round.
Denise doesn't support all GameBase functions at the moment.
It just needs more command-line options.
This will probably happen if you contact the emu author and request them.

The T64's can be autobooted (first file only) with this...
ADD_CLP( -autostart-prg 2 %gamepathfile%)

but a lot of D64's need the file index number to choose which file to load from the image.
And autostart file (VDT) doesn't work from the command-line yet.
*this does work when drag and dropping the file into window. but only booting first file on D64.
so disks require a manual scroll though menus and click on the file in the options.

needs cartridge loading options on command-line.
-cart-type-slot# file

so if a script was made...
it would just result in questions like, why doesn't this or that work?.

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