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New team member & Other news

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New team member & Other news

Sat Jun 12, 2004 1:21 am

Just a quick update to let everyone know the current development state of Gamebase ST.

Firstly i would like to welcome Frank Prochnow to the project team, Frank is extracting all game documentation such as manuals, solutions, tips, etc, from various ST disks and there are thousands of them. The first fruits of his labours have already made it to Gamebase ST. This is one area that i was very eager for someone to do!

Gamebase ST V0.2 is being shown at the JagFest show tomorrow by Rob (aka Cord). This version supports 200 games, 705 screenshots, 108 music files, and 278 extras. The public release of this version will follow shortly, it is only being held back because it needs V1.1 of the Gamebase front-end which James is busy slaving away on. We really have gone to town on this release and i think everyone will be very surprised with the changes!

Look out also for a large update to the Gamebase ST website within the next couple of weeks.

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