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Play Game Keyboard Shortcut

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Play Game Keyboard Shortcut

Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:56 pm

Hi all

GB1.3 now includes the following text in GBtext.ini and ToolTips

You can also press Space to run the game once you've selected it in the list.

I've upgraded from GB1.2 and this doesn't work for me, nor do I see any mechanism in GBtext.ini to make this situation work

If I press space with a game selected in the main GB window, this causes the goto/rating etc icons underneath the Extras button to disappear for the duration of having space held down, it doesn't do anything else

In fact what I REALLY want to do is have the Return key act as alp+p and play the game, because my other frontend does this and so I instictively always press Return, but I don't see any mechansim to do this as GBtext.ini only allows a letter from the button text to act as shortcut key.

Can someone help me?

thanks in advance...

(btw the F/E export to text file and rom lister options in GB1.3 look fabulous - very highly impressed!)

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