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GoodSNES 204

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GoodSNES 204

Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:05 pm

Hi there,
at first - interesting work done with the 900+ Roms supported.
I'm working on my onw frontend for over a year now - and just read about your database.
Unfortunately it is not GoodSNES 2.04 compatible, I know you are building the data from your collection so it may not be neccesary.
I posess the whole GoodSNES 2.04 collection, covering all 11337 Roms and its not possible to import it into Gamebase.
Im sure it is possible but i cannt find the error. The message i receive is :
The selected game/music has missing or invalid data in one or more of its linked fields.
(Games) GA_Id = 6596 Name = "10 Yard Fight (A&S NES Hack)"
Anyone know WHY ?
At first i thougt its because of the &, but thats not the reason (just checked...)
OK, ill try to fix that...
btw: If you want to take a look at MY frontend and data - visit www.snescenter.de

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GoodSNES 204

Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:56 pm

Hi Raver,

First of all, nice work on your own frontend. It's nice, it's simple to setup and easy to use. In short I like it.

Apologies for the slow reply to your queries. Too many Christmas parties I'm afraid :D
At least I now have some decent answers for you:-

If your intention was to use your existing romset in conjunction with GamebaseSNES, I should point out that despite there being one or two minor exceptions, GamebaseSNES utilizes GoodSnes 0.9996 filenames. A few Rom filenames may have changed between V0.9996 and V2.03 but the difference is not that great. Basically, whether the roms were renamed using V0.9996 or V2.03 the vast majority of supported games should still run from the existing GamebaseSNES.

I will change any affected rom references to V2.03 names in the next release of GamebaseSNES although my philosophy has been to list only one or two significant releases of games in the database, so the revised GamebaseSNES will not support the full GoodSNES romset.

Regarding your problem of importing into Gamebase, I have been experimenting a fair bit over the Christmas break and although Gamebase cannot directly import the GoodSNES 2.03 data, by manually pasting into a blank database, I eventually managed to get a working Gamebase file for the full set of GoodSNES 2.03 games!
To save you repeating a whole load of monkey-work, I have pasted the GoodSNES derived database on my website at http://lostinconsoles.com/snesgamebase/Downloads.htm Please note that due to the reasons stated in the above para. the GoodSNES database is NOT and never will be a replacement for GamebaseSNES.

I guess one or other of the above solutions would solve your problem, but for the sake of curiosity, I might as well explain the route cause of the error you received when attempting to create your own GoodSNES 2.03 gamebase;
i.e. 'The selected game/music has missing or invalid data in one or more of its linked fields'

I presume you had been attempting to do some sort of manual import into a blank database, so I re-created the error by pasting game names in the 'Games' table using MS Access. However, there are a number of fields which are cross-linked in the structure of any gamebase and when you add to the Names field alone in Access, the cross linked fields are only allocated Null values. These fields (e.g. YE_Id, MU_Id etc.) must actually be allocated nominal values. This subject has been discussed several times before and the nominal data entries are listed in these forums under http://www.gb64.com/forum/viewtopic.php ... ight=#2577

Hope the above solves your problems.
Best wishes and a happy New Year to all.

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