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Confusion over database versions?

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Confusion over database versions?

Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:21 am

I'm slightly confused over the different db versions. Could someone confirm that the below is correct?

1 - It appears that daveee65 original SNES db (several years in the making?), was re-uploaded by hardmanm in aug 2008
The files have since been deleted from sendspace.
Various updates/fixes by mad - final zshare link for mdb/batch files still works - but is of little use without the original files.

2 - Retroplay "Super GameBase " (alpha)
Download Links still appear to work - has work on this db stopped?
Is there more/less equal content (games/extras) to the above?

3 - User42's "GameBase - SNES USA" and "Update to v1.1 (from 1.0)"
Located on Underground gamer
This db contains the games relaesed in the usa.

Does this sum up the current dbs?

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Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:06 pm

Work is not stopped on Super GameBase, just halted for the time being. :wink:
There's alot of stuff in the db I need to correct plus I need to update it to the recently No-Intro release.
Adding all the japanese games plus all the unofficial fan translations and SPC music takes quite a bit of time.

The reason for the slowed down activity is perhaps that I bought an Amiga 1200 (magnificent piece of hardware) recently and I've been quite busy toying with it. :lol:

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