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GameBase Configuration Clash

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:40 am
by Peer Jones
Hi Everyone,

Has anyone come across this?:

I've been using GB64 and GB Amiga for quite a while now, but yesterday I additionally installed the GameBase ST, and GEMUS wouldn't detect any emulators (neither the Steems nor SainT) and the GEMUS Setup Wizard only showed options for Amiga and C64.

OK, So as a test I deinstalled all gamebases and emulators and started from scratch, beginning with GameBase ST. And everything worked fine.

Then I reinstalled the C64 GameBase, and although this was OK, the GameBase ST again only offered the GEMUS options for Commodore64 and wouldn't start any of the Atari ST emulators. Everything else was fine: gamefiles, extras, screenshots etc.

So somewhere, the ST configuration is being ignored on favour of the GameBase 64, but I can't find out where.

Perhaps two things:

1) When I start up the GameBase ST, the C64 splashscreen comes up, so the problem is already apparent here.

2) If I try to set up any Steem or SainT emulators manually from the 'GEMUS -> Manage Emulators' option in the GameBase ST (instead of the wizard), the setup seems to require a GEMUS script to be loaded. I can't do this, the error message on pressing the 'LOAD' button is:
'Unable to load GEMUS script (0,0)'. I have no idea whether this has a connection to my general problem, but as it might, I'll just add that here.

I hope someone can help me, GameBase is the greatest frontend ever!!!