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Missing Games

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Missing Games

Thu Dec 02, 2004 4:59 am

I've been looking for a couple of games,
and still haven't found them.

I'm looking for "Excalibur" & "Strategem"
Excalibur is a graphics game in colour, which a player plays a brave knight
trying to retrieve Excailbur from a tower on a remote island and return back to their ship at the harbour. This brave knight when injured changed from yellow to blue to gray to white. This game features areas known as "Harbour, Thicket, Hill, Stump, Gate, Den, Rampart, Tower".

Strategem is two player game, one player plays black the other brown. Each team has two army tanks, two navy air carriers, and two air squadrons, each represented by their respective picture, (eg. Tank, Air Carrier & Plane). Each player guarding their own section of land, and launching attacks against their opponent. There were four seas, North, South, West, East. Each player's field was divided into nine squares, 3x3.
I had this game for a short while until my 1541 drive destroyed my disk,
and I haven't played it since, hence making it hard to describe.

I'd be most ever so happy if anyone can locate either or both of the above games fro me ASAP. Thanks

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