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Primo games

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Primo games

Thu Oct 14, 2004 1:19 pm

Hello, I am working on the Primo website which is a hungarian developed old z80 based system.

This system used the Commodore 1541 drive to store programs on disk, so it is possible, somebody have on Commodore 64 unrunnable programs on some disk wich are Primo programs.

How can decide it is a Primo disk or not?

The first byte of a primo prg file program should be a $d1 or $d5 or $d9.

On most of the primo disk you can find a file with the name chr$(133)
this is one of the following boot file, which is loaded into this machine at boot, to make avaible the BASIC extensions too. (There is two version, the boot file depends on the primo type.)


And you can find here some sample disk images, which are storing these boot files only.


If somebody gets a disk and they have these characteristics, then it will be a Primo disk, please make a d64 image and send to me by mail please.

vargaviktor at pro dot hu

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