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Ball/ Pieces 2 / Number Game

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Ball/ Pieces 2 / Number Game

Wed Oct 13, 2004 9:33 am


Ther is some games or screenshots about games on this homepage.
I searched the database, but i cant find them.


The author wrotes about these titles the followings:

Here you can see the games I'm currently working on:

THE BALL 4 PLAYERS is a completely new version of my old game "The Ball" that I was developing back in 2001 year. The game will support 4-players-adapter by Protovision and it's going to contain many different levels and extra features in comparison to its prototype. I'm still searching for an active graphician, who would like to cooperate with me in making graphics for this game.

PIECES 2 was supposed to be released last year, but I somehow lost interest in working on it at that time. Though the game was not announced anywhere. It's going to be a simple puzzle-game with a beautiful graphics by Timo Buschmann. However, do not expect it to be released in the near future, because there's still much work to do with it.

And here you can download some of my already produced games:

THE BALL PREVIEW VERSION 2 (c) 2001-2004 Axelerate Crew
You can download the previous version of "The Ball". It's unfinished, and it's not going to be. Anyway, the important fact is that the concept for the current release of "The Ball 4 Players" stays unchanged.

NUMBER GAME (c) 2003 Axelerate Crew
This game I made for Count Zero, though I have no idea if he has ever used it where it was supposed to be used. Anyway, that's a very simple tiny game, which may give you some fun for a few minutes.

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