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Size difference of games - D64 versus T64

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Size difference of games - D64 versus T64

Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:01 pm

Hello. I was wondering about this:

I have some c64 games that are in several files, like this:

Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side A).tap
Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side A)[a2].tap
Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side A)[a].tap
Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side B).tap
Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side B)[a2].tap
Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side B)[a].tap

These files take up 4.58MB
(Note: sometimes it's hard making these multi file games work properly. Given the number of files it is not always easy to find which file will start the game properly)

Then on this site I found the same game but only using 1 file:
SHINOBI_06770_01.zip unpacks to
SHINOBI.D64 - size is 170KB

I take it that the game you link to contains the same as the multi file version? If yes, what's the idea with the multi file version? And why the difference in size if they both contain the same?
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Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:25 pm

A TAP file is an image of the data exactly as it would be on the original tape, allowing it to be transferred back to a tape and an emulator to recreate everything - loading music, striped border and so on.

Therefore they take up more room than a D64 file, which is an exact copy of data on the 170K disk original.

In this case, there are three different versions of Shinobi, with each version having a Side A and a Side B. I'm assuming it may be due to NTSC/PAL releases, or something similar.
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Fri Nov 02, 2007 12:55 pm

Thank you for explaining.

I was having problems getting a bunch of TAP files to run the game Golden Axe using WinVice 1.22.
It kept asking me to rewind and flip the tape. Wouldn't work.
I then got the one you link to on this site and the game worked right away.
Those TAP files can be tricky at times. :?

Again, thanks for the info. :D
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Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:44 am

I think it goes without saying that it is preferable to use Disk images wherever possible, not just for the reduced space they take up on your hard drive but because you only have to put the relevant Disc 'in' the drive and the emulator will do the rest, just as on a real 64... :)

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