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Gamebase, Perfect! Romset, Vice for Xbox and other issues...

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Gamebase, Perfect! Romset, Vice for Xbox and other issues...

Mon May 28, 2007 1:12 pm

Hi everyone,
I download from emule a huge collection of commodore roms, named "Commodore 64 Roms [105,542] [FULL SET] [09-09-2005] www.euroemu.net.7z" that contains Commodore 64 Perfect! Romset plus "Games That Weren't Collection", "Compunet Demo Collection" and "C64CD96 Collection (missing from Perfect!).
Then I tryed to compile the Vice64X (the XBOX Vice port) with this huge collection of roms, but I ended wasting time and blank DVDs as the emu actually doesn't work properly (selection screen messed up and games don't loading).
Anyway the last release of this emu seems to work properly and fully support Gamebase v3.
Then before buiding another iso for the xbox I installed Gamebase v3 on my Pc fully loaded with screenshoots and sids downloaded from your site but unfortunately it doesn't recognize any of the roms from the huge romset.
I tryed renaming with the goodgb64 tool (longtogbc.bat) but the dos prompt says "Unable to find specified file" and generates empty a,b,c,d,e... folders.
Then I tryed to use gamebase licensed dat with clrmamepro but it doesn't recognize any roms.
I tryed even to use a custom dat made with TOSEC TIM Renamer Tool but, clrmamepro doesn't recognize it even.
The point is that I could not download gamebase compliant romset from nowhere, not from emule (incomplete) nor bittorrent so my best chance is to rename the romset I already own as I already managed to convert the sceenshoots with .png xbox compliant files.

Any help would be very, very appreciated! :wink:

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