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Am I able to use TOSEC images ?

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Am I able to use TOSEC images ?

Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:55 pm

I have just started using GB64 for the first time (I have used GamebaseST for some time). I have downloaded the database etc, but not the gamepacks from emule.

On GamebaseST if I want to I can replace the game file with one of my choice I can do. However when I attempt to do this with GB64 (specifically a tosec image) I get the
following message:

Invalid file referenced in script function.

Do you want to continue running the game anyway?

I can still run the game no problem, but i'm not sure to what the message is refering to. Is it because i'm not using the offcial GB64 game packs ? or because i'm using a newer version of the emulator - one which is not listed on the set ups ?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:05 pm

Hi Sut,

for peace of mind, do yourself a favour and download the v5 Gamebase from emule while it is still being shared.
it might take you a few days to get it, but it will save you months of selecting every game from your TOSEC collection and configuring all the scripts for each game.

all the work has been done for you by the excellent GB64 Team. :wink:

plus you will get the bonus of 3gig of extras!

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