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how to run from to cd

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how to run from to cd

Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:03 pm

I want to burn a cd with games and GB. How can i do that enabling gb to run of off the cd, or if i put them into another computer, not have to re-setup the database? I'm not trying to sell cd's or anything. I have many games i remember playing as a kid on the C64 and would like to give them to my sister who also played them. How do i do get everything onto a cd and not have to change the rom paths and all of that stuff? Or do i have to? if so, how?
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Wed Dec 07, 2005 5:34 pm

That's simple (and it's also what I do at work). Just put the games onto a CD witht their origian l paths and then (with the CD in the drive), in GB go to Tools->Paths... Go to the Games tab and click the box icon to the left of the X icon to add a path. Select the drive and then the path that is one level above the 0, a1, a2... folders. I suggest that you have at least one alternate path (any path) set up so that GameBase won't lock up if it can't find the CD.

For running the GameBase frontend off a CD, then that's just silly. Try running any other Windows program off a CD, and it just won't work. Something has to be on writable media (i.e. hard or floppy drive) for most programs to work. You could do it with a USB drive or flash media, but not from CD.

Sat Dec 17, 2005 11:54 pm

Just in case anyone else would be interested in doing this. After spending quite a long time messing around I came across a freeware program called InstallCreator. It can be found at:


I used this program to make a Windows Setup.exe file that will install the runtime files, then Gamebase, then will copy my database into the GB folder, then it will install CCS64 v3 and finally will copy my games to the hard drive. Actually it is several setup files. When one finishes it loads the next one. but each setup file is contained in the one before it so there is only one setup.exe file that you have to click on. All you have to do is set the paths for the games and emulator and you're in business. I burnt the file to a cd and used it to transfer the whole works to my lap top. It was cake. Also, I've been wanting to give GB, C64 and my 30 or so games that I remember playing as a kid, to my brother who also played them and knows even less about computers than i do. This will make it easy for him to install. just a few clicks, set two paths and its done. Just thought I'd share.

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