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Annoying WinVICE/SDLVICE script issue

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Re: Annoying WinVICE/SDLVICE script issue

Fri Nov 27, 2020 7:04 pm

Retroplay wrote:
Wed Nov 25, 2020 7:49 pm
Also, script creators, make sure to check out Denise. :mrgreen:
The Denise Emulator doesn't have a lot of command line functions or an INI file to edit.
No doubt this will change over time.

Code: Select all

; -vic-6569R3          Select VIC-II 6569R3 and PAL mode
; -vic-8565            Select VIC-II 8565 and PAL mode
; -vic-6567R8          Select VIC-II 6567R8 and NTSC mode
; -vic-8562            Select VIC-II 6562 and NTSC mode
; -vic-6569R1          Select VIC-II 6569R1 and PAL mode
; -vic-6567R56A        Select VIC-II 6567R56A and NTSC mode
; -vic-6572            Select VIC-II 6572 and PAL mode
; -vic-6573            Select VIC-II 6573 and NTSC mode with PAL Encoding
; -cia-6526a           Select CIA 6526a
; -cia-6526            Select CIA 6526
; -reu <size in kb>    Emulate REU Expansion
; -autostart-prg <value>        Set autostart mode for PRG files (1: Inject, 2: Disk image)

;Specify SID model

If Key_SID CONTAINS(6581||8580)
Add_CLP( -sid-%sid_value%)
;SID 6581 (default)
Add_CLP( -sid-6581)
End If

   ;Do we want a PAL or NTSC setup?
	 Add_CLP( -vic-6567R8)
	 ;default PAL
	 Add_CLP( -vic-6569R3)
	End If

	; RAM Expansion Unit files

	If Key_reu CONTAINS(128||256||512||1024||2048||4096||8192||16384)
	ADD_CLP( -reu %reu_value%)
	End If
	If GameType CONTAINS(prg||p00)
	ADD_CLP( -autostart-prg 2)
	Else If GameType CONTAINS(d64||t64)
	If %imageindex% EXCLUDES(0)
	;Denise only starts with LOAD"*",8,1
	; File selection on Disk or Tape image is not possible ATM.
	Show_Message(You must load the correct GB file manually.)
	End If
	Else If GameType CONTAINS(crt||tap||g64)
End if
ADD_CLP( %gamepathfile%)
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Re: Annoying WinVICE/SDLVICE script issue

Sat Nov 28, 2020 7:34 pm

Denise creates/saves .ini files to \AppData\Roaming\denise\ :wink:

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