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Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:30 pm

Hello, years ago i used gamebase v1.2 and now i want to use again, but when i want to add another gamebase distribution of others systems, appears to me this message.

""The Wizard could not find Gemus.dat in your gamebase folder. You may need download it from the Gamebase page.""

could you help with this problem?

sorry for my english.
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Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:45 pm

The Gemus.dat is only used for setting up your emulators.
Not all Gamebase collections use or have that file.

the C64 Gamebase v14 setup has the gemus.dat for the c64 emulators.
http://www.gb64.com/download.php?DL_ID= ... 6&MD_ID=65

it just checks the CRC32 of the emulator EXE and creates a emulators.ini file.

EXAMPLE for Acorn Atom


Code: Select all

1=Atomulator MMC

[Atomulator MMC]
EmulatorPathFile=C:\GameBase\Acorn Atom\Emulator\AtomMMC\Atomulator.exe
ScriptFile=Atomluator MMC.txt
the above code can be edited for use with any emulator.
just add the file extensions to all that the emulator can handle.
you may need to change UseShortFilenames=1 for DOS emulators.

The current /Final version of GameBase is now v1.3.
once a GameBase collection has been run and updated on v1.3.
it will no longer work on GameBase v1.2.

If you need help setting up a particular emulator, just give me the details.

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