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Will the frontend work with relative pathing?

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Will the frontend work with relative pathing?

Sat Apr 24, 2004 11:40 am

I swap my extarnal firewire HD between home, work, and a friends house.
It all works like a charm (obviously, a very well written program should!), but I have different drive letters depending where the HD is plugged into at that time.

I tried to modify the appropriate .ini files by replacing the absolute pathing statements with the equivelant (and correct!) relative pathing statements for the pictures, music etc.

No joy!

Does the frontend work with relative pathing or am I wasting my time (and I will therefore have to re-do the pathing from within GB whenever I relocate the drive?)

BTW, I cannot rename the drive letters on the work/friends PC's as they are configured for video editing and I have no admin permissions to do so.


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