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Selection Problem

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Selection Problem

Thu May 31, 2012 8:01 pm

So i've created a personal gamebase in which I want to add my favorite games from other prebuilt gamebase. The primary game is the game from the original system (i.e. prince of persia -> AppleII).

As Extra I want to add the conversions on other systems (i.e. Atari Amiga, Gameboy etc).

The Extras path are similar (i.e. c:\atari\games; c:\gbc\games).

When I create an Extra I can select the gamepath above and then the game (for that system).

While the first extra starts correctly, the second extra fails with error: The expected file not found in archive <path of FIRST extra>.

It seems that Gamebase does not use the full path (i.e. c:\gbc\games\pop.zip) to start the game instead it just uses "pop.zip" which is found in the FIRST extra (PoP.zip containing pop.st) but does not contain the version for the second extra (PoP.zip containing pop.gb)

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? (provided that I could make myself clear somehow) :)

Many thanks in advance
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Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:46 pm

i think your problem is the emulator setup.

if you have ZIP (or any other archive type) in the SupportedTypes= in the emulators.ini file.
you must remove it.
as it will not unzip the disk/rom before attaching it to the emulator.

also it goes without saying, you need to setup emulators for the other systems you want to use, or it will try to run those game extras in the Apple emulator.

if both systems use the same filetype (DSK/ROM).
you can use this command in the gemus...

hope that helps. :wink:
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Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:32 am


I understand your problem. The (simple) way round it for now is to rename pop.zip in one of the game paths, and re-assign in GameBase.

As you have found out, GameBase only stores the part of the path under your specified Extras paths: -

c:\atari\ is the extras path
pop.zip is what gamebase stores

c:\gbc\ is the extras path
pop.zip is what gamebase stores

If you had a single extras path called c:\games\ then gamebase could store as follows: -


so there wouldn't be this problem as GB could distinguish between them.

You've actually pointed out a flaw in the way GameBase uses paths (which is good because I can resolve in something related I am working on ;) ).

Don't expect this fixed soon in the *current* GameBase tho!
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Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:30 am

Hi there

First of all, many thanks for your support.

@.mad.: Unfortunately that wasn't the problem. I thought it would be difficult to explain...

@Jimbo: Thanks for confirming the issue. And since it is unlikely to be fixed soon, I will have to re-think my gamebase design. :?

Take care...

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