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Genre related questions

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Genre related questions

Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:42 pm

Hey fellow GB64 users
I like the idea and implementation of GB64 in general. My only question regards the genres?( this mostly applies to later machines not the C64... but why not support this there too? )

Why aren't RPGs a seperate genre from Adventure games?
Generally Adventure games refer to that play similar to King's Quest, Adventure, the Scott Adams games, Sam and Max Episode 1, or the Zork series. RPGs generally focus more on the Player Character(s) statistics than the genres of adventure games do. Does Rogue, Final Fantasy, Pools of Radiance, or Phantasy Star have much in common with the Following games: King's Quest, Adventureland, Maniac Mansion, Gwendolyn, Return to Zork and Zork I?
There are Adventure - RPG games: The Quest For Glory series and Beyond Zork come to mind.
I can think of several sub-genres of RPGs of the top of my head:
RPG - 2D
RPG - 3D
RPG - Console-style
RPG - Roguelike
RPG - Action
RPG - Text
RPG - Diablo-like
RPG - Unclassified
The difference between text and Roguelike is that roguelkes have random dungeons.
Examples of RPG - Console Style include Star Ocean, Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Quest VIII, .Hack and others.
RPG - 3D could include the games in Adventure - RPG 3D unless they were console-style RPGs
Roguelike would be games like Rogue and .Hack. These differ from RPG - Text because they randomize the dungeons.
Diablolike would include Diablo and Dark Stone. ( this is a placeholder genre for a Windows Gamebase and a PSX gamebase )
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:11 am

I thought RPGs are much like Adventure games, there's a beginning, mid-story, a end, and you can save your progress, just like adventure games.

You can always edit your .Mdb file with Microsoft Office Access and add and change as many genre and sub-genres as you like.

Althought GB recommends you back-up before making changes, I've never ran into any problems editing any of my MDBs.

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