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I need a web designer (html+css skills a must)

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I need a web designer (html+css skills a must)

Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:57 pm

I'm done with the coding on the new bu22.com now. It has a full searchable/browsable database of gamebases and an admin section where people can add their own gamebases.

I need a web designer to help style the page up nicely. Someone with HTML/CSS skills and some creative talent to help make the site look retro (.mad.: I hope to use some of your supplied gfx in the page).

It's a SINGLE PAGE site - so there's really not that much designing/work to do, but right now it looks like sh1t and I have no web design talent whatsoever. :)

If anyone knows someone talented that may be interested in helping me, please let me know. I can't pay but will happily credit them with a link on the page.


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