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GameBase FAQ - Please read before posting!

Mon Aug 04, 2003 1:42 pm

Q: I downloaded and installed all the games/music/screenshots/extras/whatever, but why can't I access them through GameBase?
A: You need to tell GameBase where the files are, and let GameBase verify their existence! You must do this by (a) Setting your paths (Tools-->Options) and (b) Running the verify tool (Tools-->Verify Available Files). If you don't follow these 2 procedures, GameBase will not recognise your files!

Q: I tried to import a Romcenter 2.0 DAT file and it didn't work! What's the deal?
A: OK, I've been informed that the RC/TOSEC import support isn't 100% working in GameBase, but *most* dat files should work. I have personally tested the import on about 20 different dat files without problems (with and without TOSEC information). I'll look into it further when I have time, and try to improve the importer in a future GameBase release. Feel free to email gamebase@itsa.me.uk any RomCenter 2.0 Dat files that failed to import correctly in GameBase (and please tell me what error messages you received).
Update: RC Import functionality seems much more stable as of GB v1.1.

Q: Why does the About Screen crash when I click on the "Credits" tab?
A: The "Credits" tab performs a transparent blitting operation that uses an API that is not present on Windows 95 and 98 (and maybe ME). It shouldn't crash on 2000 or XP though. If I can be bothered, I'll fix this in a future release (don't hold your breath though).

Q: Why does GameBase crash when I click on a Music file in the "Recent" menu?
A: This is a bug in GB versions prior to v0.94. Please download and install v0.94 or later to fix.

Q: Where's the MAME2GB.exe program gone?
A: Mame2GB was an experimental program to import MAME's "listinfo" file into a GameBase database. I didn't have time to update this utility however, so I decided in the meantime to remove it from circulation. I will release it again once I've updated it to work with the latest MAME versions. In the meantime, if anyone wants it (along with the VB6 sourcecode), please drop me an email to gamebase@itsa.me.uk.

Q: The GEMUS.DAT file is a great idea! How come it's not regularly updated?
A: I simply don't have time to update it myself! If anyone else wants the job, please email me at gamebase@itsa.me.uk.

Q: How can I skip GameBase's load-up database selector window?
A: Just run GameBase with the name (folder name) of the GameBase database you wish to load as a command line parameter. E.g. GameBase.exe MyDatabase

Q: How do I get rid of that annoying messagebox when GB-Toolbox starts?
A: You can skip the message by running the toolbox with the -EXPERT command line parameter. This will also hide the MS Access warning when you double click the database .mdb files. If you still want to see the MS Access warning, run the toolbox with the -NOMSGBOX command line parameter instead.

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