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Tue Jun 14, 2022 8:03 pm

I've made this new frontend for gamebases - which works on platforms other than Windows (which was my original motivation for making it, as a Linux user). It's written and scripted in Python, so if you know that language you'll feel right at home. It has a pretty flexible filtering system, a grid view offering many possible columns, and a single-game detail view which you can tailor with CSS.

Hit the link for screenshots and code: https://github.com/dnlopez/PyGamebase/

It uses SQLite as a database format, so before you start you'll have to convert your original (Microsoft Access) databases - a tool is provided to help with this.

Current downsides are the detail view doesn't have access to all of the information that the grid view does yet, but that is planned. It also has no editing facilities - perhaps in the far future.

Note this has no connection to the new database design and frontend that Jimbo recently restarted here. I'll be off to the Discord shortly to see if I can be of any help there...

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