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AMY Help

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AMY Help

Sat Sep 04, 2004 2:11 am

Hi there,

I came across GB64 just last week and subsequently I found GameBaseAmy. Firstly, I would like to commend you on attempting such a mammoth task and I am here to offer my services to you in anyway you need me.

I download your beta version and I have a few questions. So deep breath here we go.

I noticed you're using individually zipped games. Is the idea to play all versions of a game and keep the best one or keep all versions? I think size is a factor because I have just download the complete TOSEC 0.27 ADF roms and that little came to 4.69Gb!!! Also, when I unrared the #-A file it ballooned from 324Mb to 1.24Gb!!!

I took a look at your GEMUS script and whilst it works I couldn't help thinking that there must be an easier way. It must be a bit too much to type or copy/paste all that "Key=value" pairs info for every game so shoot me down in flames if you like but I had a go a making my own gemus script. First, I made a couple of WinUAE configs. One being a basic A500+Kick1.3 rom and the other a fast A1200+Kick3.1 rom. Now you know that even some older games will still run on a Kick3.1 rom so it's only the older ones that need the Kick1.3 rom. Here's my script:


Add_CLP(-f "Configurations/A500.uae")
Add_CLP(-f "Configurations/A1200.uae")
End If

Now I know that this only works with games that are on one disk but I was looking at some of the scripting in GB64 and it looks possible to create some sort of If/Else/EndIf script using the gamepathfile(x) command. At this point I haven't been able to get it to work but maybe you could shed some light on how to get this to work.

I just like to get your thoughts on these issues and as I said earlier whatever you need done just holla and it'll be done!!
I'd like to help propel GameBaseAmy to GB64 stardom!!!


Krusty101 :)
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Wed Sep 08, 2004 4:56 pm

Hi Krusty,

Sorry for the late reply, but I'm away in Turkey at the moment.

I'll quickly answer your questions.

Only the best versions will be used, similar to GB64

Currently there is no better way than the key=value arrangement. However when the project is more mature there will be changes to the database backend to streamline the whole process.

The confıg scriıpts have basıcally been sorted out. There is one base config that can be altered on the fly if required.

Sorry for the short reply but I'll answer better when I get back. Meanwhıle read through the FAQ on the web sıte http://gba.abime.net. It's a long read but should answer most questions.

I always welcome offers of help and will contact you when I get back.

Thanks for your interest.


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