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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:41 pm
by Retroplay
.mad. wrote:Older/Not in RetroPlay (newer version in your GameBase)
Newer and not available at yet (in Beta folder):

TestDrive2&DataDisks_v1.0_0588&0589&0590&0591&0818 (Includes unofficial German Scenery Disk)

Just added:
FutureWars_v3.2_Es_2506 (SPS2506 is not compatible with v4.0 slave)
Belgarath wrote: EyeOfHorus_v1.1.ZIP
The one in Gamebase is later than the one in Retroplays folder
v1.1 doesn't exist, that's v0.9 mislabelled as v1.1
Belgarath wrote: SuperMonacoGP_v1.1.ZIP
The one in Retroplays folder is labelled as a beta although it's not in the beta directory.
Moved to proper folder. :)

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:32 am
by .mad.
Retroplay wrote: Moved to proper folder. :)
Thanks for the insite, i am loving your work. 8)

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:47 am
by Retroplay
Glad you like it. :)

Btw, I only kept the games tagged BETA as they work better than the old versions.

IIRC, Super Monaco GP v1.1 didn't work on WHDLoad 16.9+.
Deep Core runs much better on 68020 Amigas, but still slow on 68030+ (old v1.1 runs like a dog on real A1200).

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:30 pm
by .mad.
Hi Retroplay,

i have been messing about with some of the WHDLoad.
and noticed some file names with this name (Accented A SPACE) HEX (E1) (20)
in the amiga program it is looking for the characters (A0) (20)
i can rename the file to (A0) but on a PC it can not have a file name with no extension ending with a space (it gets trimmed automatically). so the file will not be found when unzipped.

i have edited a few files that work to find the correct (A0) (A0) only to find the slave file doing a checksum on others. grrr.

examples are RACTER a speech thing, and Western Games.

This will show corrupt GFX in the Spitting event (maybe due to the dodgy file name) but it also crashes in the same event with the SPS disk.
so i think it needs re-cracking or a new edited slave for WHDLoad on PC to have real file folder names. If the source code is available.
Maybe you can check them on your real Amiga. :wink:

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:53 pm
by Retroplay
Slave needs to be updated for Windows friendly filenames.
As you can see, the filenames only contain spaces and appear blank on Amiga side but completely messed up on Windows side.

These screenshots are taken under emulation (similar config to my real A1200) from within a PFS3-AIO formatted HDF, where the games work fine. :)


Western Games:

The ultimate solution to eliminate this problem, although extremely time consuming, would be to make HDFs of each and every WHD game in GB.

Waal did something like this for the Amiga Xtras set for WinUAEX a few years ago.

Try these HDFs from AmigaXtras: ... est+hdf.7z

Mount _whdload.hdf as DH0 and Racter (or Western Games) as DH1.
Bingo it works. :D

[edit 2]
Perhaps this could be useful, just in case.

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:26 am
by .mad.
Dopus brings back memories.

i thought the files would look blank on the Amiga side.

i can rename a pc file to [a0] easy enough so it works on PC.
So i have fixed /renamed all game files that use it, plus other foreign characters that do not use same Amiga code as PC.
Not sure about backwards compatibility though.

i like the idea of a HDF set for GameBase.
and i will give that script a good workout.

Only 30 use foreign characters from the WHDLoad 2.4 pack.
and only 5 or so will have to be converted.

Racter works on HDF, but Western Games does not.
it bugs in exactly same place.


Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:11 pm
by Retroplay
Same thing happens on my real A1200, it looks like the slave could use a slight overhaul.

The IPF (SPS 0790) works fine for me though:

A500 quickstart, OCS + 512k and cycle exact mode:

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:56 am
by .mad.
had a go at fixing it, using files from CHAMPS ADF crack.
there are two versions of spuckmovements1
the larger one was on disk 2.

It doesn't have the blank filenames like the Blizzard crack. :)
both ADFs have a file "" which i could not copy.
"THE_CHAMPS" file is just full of Zeros.

The spitting event works now, but it runs slowly. ... 1648351011

the SPS graphics look ok, but it crashed for me after playing for a while (not every time).

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:32 pm
by Paul Irvine
Hey .Mad, any chance of a set of overall links to get the full set rather than pick through the individual posts and get an old fart like me confused

:) ...

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:42 pm
by dax
+1 :mrgreen:

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:06 pm
by .mad.
Paul Irvine wrote:Hey .Mad, any chance of a set of overall links to get the full set rather than pick through the individual posts and get an old fart like me confused
Hi Paul & Dax,

I have just finished converting the WHDLoad packs to HDF.
this has not been tested via Gamebase script yet.
it uses an ADF disk with WHDLoad on it to boot.

I am in two minds what to do.
upload the WHD set in loose files, with fixed file names of protected system files on PC (which uses WHDRun).

or start uploading the GameBase friendly HDF which keeps all the Amiga files as intended and will avoid any unpacking errors on PC.

Both will need an updated MDB and script.


You should have the BASIC GameBase up and running, with uploads so far.
the Merged disk set is ALL the games.
the IPF link is ALL and more of the EXTRAS SPS.

Gamebase files - MDB updated for merged disk set (original included) ... 8039223255

Screenshots (82MB)!OpADgQxZ!G117w9HjUi2S ... _giA5raw0I

Music (107MB)!i1Rh1bwB!Mj5DA4ilD90g ... VfVQWnSBjU

Games - **Merged Disk Set**
*Just need to extract and rezip them into single archives for original mdb.

#-C (578MB)!z0AzmZoI!uWbZFnyjgPRT ... mbLVBNqmTA

D-J (592MB)!O152DABA!HEHTUG3OsRLR ... 4x_XiSYX6k

K-R (655MB)!v9xgiB4Q!sVPrwEaWniyk ... cD013bL3-k

S-Z (606MB)!ztJzyKgK!frOsC8-XNClX ... KvPxY6lboc

GameBase Amiga V2.0 - Extras Pack#1 [580MB]

Cover Scans, Hint, Tips, Cheats & Walkthroughs, Instructions, MP3.!X4AxjIoQ!Wpchqx5EoUeU ... UM4S57NuBY

IPF [3 GB]
*file deleted*

Tools, info and the Missing disks needed to convert them to 100% GameBase. ... 2668421445

i know it's messy, having to unzip /rezip the files.
if you want to use the the disks (merged) just leave them as they are and use the updated MDB.

if you want to use them as single files (as Belgarath released them), extract all files with the newer date 26/12/2015. and rezip them to single archives and use the original MDB.
this can be done in WINRAR with two passes (select all - extract here, select all unzipped ADF files - add each file to its own archive).

The SPS it not my upload, just a link i found.
it is very easy to rename the files with romcenter with the info included. (even i managed it)

i can help you, if you get stuck or confused.
it's only the WHDLoad that is not available in large download chunks, as i have been sorting and repacking them..

the original KGWHD set from 2009 is a good start.
all the same gamebase filenames and in ZIPs.
missing lots of new updates and fixes, but i suspect it is the core set used.

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:19 pm
by Paul Irvine
Sounds like the HDF option is better as long as there's no conflict between the WHDload original.

Look forward to whatever choice you make and the updated MDB

But most of all thanks for doing this...

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:38 pm
by Paul Irvine
Down to 218 games missing but most are where multi disk games have been moved to a single zip, more annoying are the 256 music files classed as missing and 97 Whdloads to find...

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:08 pm
by .mad.
Hi Paul,

music link added above. ;)

if you use the my updated MDB for the merged disks i uploaded.
you shouldn't be missing any (unless they are in the wrong folder).
100% of the ADFs are included in the downloads.

it's just an alternative, for those who can not download from the FTP.

Hello Belgarath,

The WHDLoad are ready for upload now.
i have checked and repacked every one.

my findings...
Extracting Amiga LHA files with WinRAR breaks the filenames with german characters.
editing / the AMIGA ZIP internally with odd filenames [a0], causes that file to rename itself every time with the next character code in the ASCII list. (crazy!!)
But once the filenames are fixed and repacked as DOS ZIP in WinRAR.
they extract correctly in PC and Amiga. :)
So with a bug in WinRAR, old versions of ZIP and CLRMAMEPRO adding zero files to blank directories when LHA'ed in Amiga PC users can not unpack. I think we should have a decent WHDLoad set play with GameBase.

It will probably mean having to use an updated MDB.
at the moment the Filenames do not have the version number.
But they are the very latest versions to date (some are 2016).

Do you think you could update from your Original format?.
i could batch rename the ZIP files with your current version numbers stored to pass verify, but some could be newer in my set.
i do not want to waste my time uploading it, if you do not want to adopt the same set. :wink:

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:18 am
by nscxp2005
Awesome work .mad.

Would you still consider the HDF files for WHDLoad?