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Problem: Speeding up games for better fps

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Problem: Speeding up games for better fps

Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:48 pm


Would anyone know of a way to launch games in GameBase Amiga along with altered hardware settings, like increased CPU? Some games would definitely benefit from it since they run way too slow on the original settings, for example StarFlight I/II and Frontier Elite II (especially the latter). Ofcourse, I have tried finding a solution myself before posting here but sadly failed. So far I have done and tried the following:

- Imported and edited GameBase Amiga.uae / WHDLoad.uae configurations with WinUAE.
- Here I altered some settings to my liking, for example Floppy Drive Emulation Speed on 800% and settings for Display/Sound.
- Altered hardware settings for increased CPU speed.

All seems fine until I launch a game with GBA, which doesn't seem to run faster at all! The other settings however, seem to be active.

Floppy Drive Emulation? Data is read much and much faster, check.
Resolution? All good, check.
A500 Floppy Sounds? Check! (this is so awesome)

When I go back into WinUAE and import the configurations, I note that every setting I changed remains intact except for the Hardware settings! I have tried changing it back and launching a game in GBA again, but it keeps reverting the hardware settings.
So I tried launching Frontier Elite II using only WinUAE and altered CPU, and what do you know? It works perfectly!

What could be the problem? The Autoload checkbox seems to be greyed out though, maybe it's related to this? I don't know how to activate it...
Or would this mean that every game in GameBase Amiga is loaded with custom Hardware settings, which are probably found in the database file?

Please don't shoot me for my postcount. I know i'm new to this forum and asking help like this doesn't really make me look good on day one... but any help would be much appreciated!

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