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GBAmy v1.4.3 - unplayable games (post Your experiences)

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:37 am
by dax
Perhaps U all know that nobody is perfect.

Sometimes I play games from compilation "Gamebase Amiga v1.4.3" and today I found that game Osiris is bad (ADF disk or other thing), so I replaced it from Tosec's package with file Osiris (1993)(Boeder)[cr PDY] and renamed it to make it playable 100% in Gamebase Amiga. Now it is working properly :)

Proper file (game Osiris) for GBAmy v1.4.3 uploaded:

Code: Select all
When I'll find other damaged/unplayable disks for the compilation, I'll try to replace them with proper ADF image.

I don't promise to check all games, due I don't play too much, but if U will find any not-working ADF game due some errors, post it here (name of the game and error message) and I'll check it and will replace (if playable version available) + I will upload proper image and post link here.

regards from Poland
(someone took my nick ;))

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 10:35 pm
by Belgarath
Excuse me?

The Osiris in GameBase Amiga IS Osiris (1993)(Boeder)[cr PDY] so how can it be bad?

Unless the zip is bad in which case why didn't you post it on the GameBase Amiga forum or email me about it?

GamebaseAmy is NOT GameBase Amiga, amy died a long time ago.

So please if anyone finds any problem with GameBase Amiga, then either email me or post it on the GameBase Amiga/MAGE forum