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Memotech launching problem

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:50 pm
by Vic20Ian
Does anyone have a Memotech Gamebase working?

I cannot get the thing to launch. Memu loads but will not receive a title and bombs out after Load""

I downloaded from Primrosehill and put Memu and the files together but am struggling.

I can manually launch Memu with a file from command prompt but only if the file is in the same directory as Memu.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:25 am
by .mad.
that will never work.
the script calls batch files that are not included the in the download.
which want to rename the files???

use this script.
It works with MTX tapes.
I just put other filetype commands here for reference, they will need tweaking.

update to run BAS files.
rename BAS files in ZIP to 8.3 format
and link that new internal runnable filename in GameBase.

Code: Select all

; Games supplied as .MTX files
; In MEMU, tape files can be run using commands similar to :-
; $ memu -vid-win -snd-portaudio AGROVATA.mtx
; LOAD ""
; Most autostart, but you'll need to RUN some of them. 

ADD_CLP( -vid-win-big -snd-portaudio)

If GameType CONTAINS(mtx)

; MEMU needs the internal MTX filename (0000h 1-C) and PC filename to match.
; revenge of chamberoids (orginal tape) has "** OF THE **" as the internal filename.
; So we need to HEX edit the header of the MTX file removing *wildcards* and other none PC filename characters.
; "** OF THE **" -> "REVENGEOFTHE" and save the edited file "revengeofthe.mtx"
; or
; "** OF THE **" -> "BOOT" and save the edited file "boot.mtx"
; from the emulator load the internal filename LOAD"BOOT" or LOAD"REVENGEOFTHE" from the gamepath.
; Make sure you also attach the 2nd gamefile.
; the internal name must also match the filename.
; file2=CHAMBEROIDS, file2=SEPULCRI2, file2=GRANNY1

if key_tape CONTAINS(multi||2parts)
; attach the "gamepath" NOT the "gamefile" to the command line.
Add_CLP( -tape-dir %gamepath%)

if key_file2 CONTAINS(*)
; this file must have the same internal name as the one stored in the MTX.
ADD_CLP( %file2_value%.mtx)
ADD_CLP( %gamepathfile(1)%)
End If

if key_load CONTAINS(*)
;this should be the same as the file1 name.
;load=revengeofthe, load=GRANNY, load=sepulcri
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]load {C34}%load_value%{C34}{ENTER}||50)
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]load {C34}{C34}{ENTER}||50)
end if


ADD_CLP( %gamepathfile%)
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]load {C34}{C34}{ENTER}||50)
End If

;Games supplied as .RUN files
;In MEMU, RUN files can be run using commands similar to :-
;$ memu -vid-win -snd-portaudio TOADO.RUN
;Or, exploiting MEMUs SDX support :-

;$ memu -vid-win-big -snd-portaudio -sdx

ElseIf GameType CONTAINS(run)
ADD_CLP ( -sdx %gamepathfile%)
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]user run {C34}%file_value%{C34}{ENTER}||50)


; Programs supplied as .BAS files
; MEMU includes some SDX Basic .BAS files. These can run using commands similar to :-
; $ memu -vid-win -snd-portaudio -sdx

ElseIf GameType CONTAINS(bas)
	Add_CLP( -cpm-drive-a %gamepath%)
	Add_CLP( -sdx)

; load the BAS file name from GEMUS (max 8 chars)
; basfile=network -> USER LOAD"NETWORK.BAS"
if key_basfile CONTAINS(*)
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]user load {C34}%basfile_value%.bas{C34}{ENTER}||50)
;load the name of the BAS file (8.3) from gamebase reZIP folder.
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]user load {C34}%gamefile%{C34}{ENTER}||50)
end if
;CP/M games
ElseIf GameType CONTAINS(com)
ADD_CLP ( %gamepathfile%)

ElseIf GameType CONTAINS(mfloppy)

	If %systemtype_value% CONTAINS(basic)

		If %disktype_value% CONTAINS(03)
			Add_CLP( -sdx-tracks 40)
			Add_CLP( -rom5 "%dbpath%\rom\sdx-basic03.rom")
			Add_CLP( -sdx-tracks 80)
			Add_CLP( -rom5 "%dbpath%\rom\sdx-basic07.rom")
		End If
		Add_CLP( -sdx-mfloppy %gamepathfile%)

	;set cpm as default

		Add_CLP( -mon-ignore-init)

		If %cpmscrn_size_value% CONTAINS(1)
			Add_CLP( -mon-win)
		ElseIf %cpmscrn_size_value% CONTAINS(2)
			Add_CLP( -mon-win-big)
		ElseIf %cpmscrn_size_value% CONTAINS(m)
			Add_CLP( -mon-win-mono)
			Add_CLP( -mon-win)
		End If

		If %disktype_value% CONTAINS(03)
			Add_CLP( -sdx-tracks 40)
		;set 07 as default
			Add_CLP( -sdx-tracks 80)
			Add_CLP( -rom4 "%dbpath%\rom\boot-type07.rom")
			Add_CLP( -rom5 "%dbpath%\rom\sdx-type07.rom")
		End If
		Add_CLP( -sdx-mfloppy %gamepathfile%)

	End If
End If

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:21 pm
by Vic20Ian
Great, many thanks for getting it working.

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:53 pm
by manguan
Any way to enlarge the screen? I'm a little myopic. :x

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:47 am
by .mad.
yes add -big to the window to make it double size.

ADD_CLP ( -vid-win-big -snd-portaudio %gamepathfile%)

to make it even bigger add the whole commad twice.
ADD_CLP ( -vid-win-big -vid-win-big -snd-portaudio %gamepathfile%)

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:22 pm
by manguan
Three times for my eyes. :D
Revenge Of The Chamberoids needs load "OF THE". Paul's script have some lines to solve the problem but I can't merge them in your script. :oops:
Thanks .mad.

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:29 am
by .mad.
that script uses an unavailable batch file to rename the files before running the emulator.
as the problem is only for that game...
why unpack and rename the files everytime you want to play it.

after i realised what the emulator wanted.
i renamed the files inside the zip and HEX edited the header of the boot loader file.

i won't be spending any more time on this. :wink:

download the new script and updated game files...

3 examples included.
revenge of chamberoids, sepulcri, man from granny

Re: Memotech launching problem

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:10 pm
by manguan
Infallible as always. Thanks .mad.