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I have had a MAJOR HD crash, ...

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I have had a MAJOR HD crash, ...

Mon Jun 21, 2004 1:22 pm

...but got nearly all the data back (pher).
I can really reccommend a program called 'getdatabackNTFS'.


A bit scary though as it allegedly recovers data from formatted hard disks that have then had an operating system installed over it!

MY HD was not even recognised by windows, and FDISK thought it was 100% blank. :cry:
This program got nearly everything back in one piece (but it took all last weekend scanning the drive to do so).

I am considering making a NES database ver .001 available for you to look at, and it will have 50 entries, but with a TON of extras (music, adverts, cart scans, box artwork etc.)
(and it is a bloody good way of having a backup if I can ask one of you lot for it, should I have another disaster.)

I just thought I would let you know about my delay, and keep you aware that this is still happening!

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