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Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:53 pm
by hardmanm
For my next project i'm doing a Fujitsu FM7 gamebase, i've already got a 200+ game DB, if anyone has any big game packs or screenshot packsfor this machine they could supply, i would be very greatful.

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:53 pm
by .mad.
This has all you want and more.

the site is very Japanese but click on the links for goodies.

Index by title ... title.html

click on Letter Kanji for list ... -01_a.html

this includes game downloads, screens, covers and info.
example ... 00200.html

Can't wait to see your results.

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:23 pm
by hardmanm
Great site but there are no download links to games on this site:(

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:57 am
by Starscream
Lots of stuff for FM7/77 isn't around unfortunately (hoarded). Almost everything that is available for web download is listed at the mess software lists site:


Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:31 am
by JonathonSaunders
This site has tons on stuff for Fujitsu FM7 and FM Towns. ... er=Fujitsu

After you click the link scroll down a bit to see roms


Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:36 am
by JonathonSaunders
The above site has 4 different types of formats, cassettes, disks, d77 and t77 roms

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:42 pm
by Hidron
As far as roms go I found 2 packs on UG. with 223 files & a large minor system TOSEC pack which contains an individually downloadable FM-7 .RAR

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:12 pm
by hardmanm
Thanks everyone who has put links to Games etc on here, i'm found all of them already, there must be some more some where.

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:37 am
by Paul Irvine
Looking forward to this one, saw a few mainstream classics on there like Bounty Bob..

Well done Mark, quality as always..

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:28 pm
by .mad.
hardmanm wrote:found all of them already, there must be some more some where.
There was a 177MB pack on rapidshare that has been deleted.
FM-7 stuff seems to get removed from fileshare sites as soon as it's up.

try searching "FM7" from
or pasting in the Japanese text of the game name as well as the English name.

FM7)医は算術なり(T77) Iwa Sanjutsunari
(FM7)占いプログラム集(D77) Noroi Program Shu
(FM7)カムイの剣(T77) Kamui no Ken
(FM7)カレイジアス・ペルセウス(T77) Courageous Perseus
(FM7)カレイドスコープ・7万光年の胞子たち(T77) Kaleidoscope - 7mankonenno Hoshi-tachi
(FM7)ギャラガ(T77) Galaga
(FM7)ギャラクシーフライ(T77) Galaxy Fly
(FM7)ぐっちゃんバンク(T77) Gucchan Bank
(FM7)クランストンマナー(D77) Cranston Manor
(FM7)ゴルフシミュレーション(T77) Golf Simulation
(FM7)ゴルフ狂(D77) Golf Kyo
(FM7)ザ ナイト オブ ワンダーランド(D77) The Knight of Wonderland
(FM7)ザ・カウント(D77) The Count
(FM7)ザ・キャッスル&キャッスルエクセレント(D77) The Castle & Castle Excellent
(FM7)ザ・クエスト(D77) The Quest
(FM7)巨神ゴーグ(T77) Kyoshin Gorg
(FM7)国士無双(T77) Kokushimuso
(FM7)Zガンダム(T77) Zeta Gundam
(FM7)サイキックシティ(T77) Psychic City
(FM7)サザンクロス(T77) Southern Cross
(FM7)サラダの国のトマト姫(T77) Salad no Kuni no Tomato-hime
(FM7)スーパースタートレック(T77) Super Star Trek
(FM7)スーパーベースボール(T77) Super Baseball
(FM7)スーパー漢字住所録(D77) Super Kanji Chushoroku
(FM7)スターアーサー伝説三部作(T77) Star Arthur Densetsu (The three games in the series)
(FM7)ストレンジオデュッセイ(D77) Strange Odyssey
(FM7)ストレンジハウス(T77) Strange House
(FM7)スペース2030(T77) Space 2030
(FM7)スペースビー(T77) Space Bee
(FM7)スペースワープ(T77) Space Warp
(FM7)セラピスの神殿(T77) Selapis no Shinden (not sure about the spelling of Selapis)
(FM7)ソニックブーン(T77) Sonic Boom (Boon?)
(FM7)女子大生プライベート(T77) Joshidaisei Private
(FM7)女子寮パニック(T77) Joshiryo Panic
(FM7)倉庫番2(D77) Sokoban 2
(FM7)倉庫番2(T77) Sokoban 2
(FM7)タッチダウンフィーバー(T77) Touchdown Fever
(FM7)タンクゲーム(T77) Tank Game
(FM7)ちゃっくんポップ(T77) Chack'n Pop
(FM7)ちゃっくんポップ(T77) Chack'n Pop
(FM7)チョップリフター(T77) Choplifter
(FM7)ディグダグ(T77) Dig Dug
(FM7)テープアスキー(T77)Tape ASCII
(FM7)デゼニランド(T77) Dezeni Land
(FM7)デルフォス(T77) Delphos (I think this should be Delphis and might be a mistake)
(FM7)トランシルバニア(D77) Transylvania
(FM7)トリトーン(D77) Tritorn
(FM7)トリトーン(T77) Tritorn
(FM7)大戦略FM(D77) Daisenryaku FM
(FM7)大脱走(T77) Daidasso
(FM7)地球戦士ライーザ(T77) Chikyusenshi Rayieza
(FM7)東京ナンパストリート(T77) Tokyo Nanpa Street
(FM7)信長の野望(初代)(T77) Nobunaga no Yabo (Shodai, meaning not Zenkokuban, long loading times, no sound and all)
(FM7)日本海海戦(T77) Nihon-kai Kaisen
(FM7)Bushman(T77) Supposed to be Happy Bushman I guess
(FM7)バックギャモン(T77) Backgammon
(FM7)パックマン(T77) Pacman
(FM7)バトルポッド(T77) Battle Pod
(FM7)バトルポッド(T77) Battle Pod
(FM7)パンチボール マリオブラザーズ(T77) Punchball Mario Bros
(FM7)ファイナルロリータ(D77) Final Lolita
(FM7)フィールドウォーズ(T77) Field Wars
(FM7)ブードゥーキャッスル(D77) Voodoo Castle
(FM7)フライトシミュレータ(T77) Flight Simulator
(FM7)フロントライン(T77) Frontline
(FM7)プロ野球スーパーシミュレーション(T77) Pro Yakyu Super Simulation
(FM7)ペンギンくん(T77) Penguin-kun
(FM7)ポートピア連続殺人事件(T77) Portopia Renzokusatsujinjiken
(FM7)ホーンデッドハウス(T77) Haunted House
(FM7)ボコスカウォーズ(T77) Bokosuka Wars
(FM7)ホットドッグ(D77) Hotdog
(FM7)マジンガーZ(T77) Mazinger Z
(FM7)マッピー(T77) Mappy
(FM7)マリちゃん危機一髪(T77) Mari-chan Kikiippatsu
(FM7)ミスターバタフライ(T77) Mister Butterfly
(FM7)ミステリーハウス(T77) Mistery House
(FM7)ミッションインポッジブル(D77) Mission Impossible
(FM7)ミッションインポッジブル(D77) Mission Impossible
(FM7)ミッドウェイ(T77) Midway
(FM7)ムービングスクール(D77) Moving School
(FM7)ムー大陸の謎(T77) Mu-tairiku no Nazo
(FM7)メインロイヤル(T77) Main Royale
(FM7)メルヘンヴェール(D77) Marchen Veil
(FM7)モールモール(T77) Mole Mole
(FM7)南の島のカプリコーン(T77) Minamino Shima no Capricorne
(FM7)ヤンパラアドベンチャー(D77) Younpara Adventure (Younpara being the shortened name of Young Paradise)
(FM7)ユリシーズ(D77) Ulysses
(FM7)山手線アドベンチャー(T77) Yamanote-sen Adventure
(FM7)妖怪探偵ちまちま(T77) Yokai Tantei Chimachima
(FM7)ラリーX(T77) Rally-X
(FM7)リグラス(D77) Riglas
(FM7)リグラス(T77) Riglas
(FM7)リザード(T77) Lizard
(FM7)リングの上はおおさわぎ(T77) Ring no Uewa Oosawagi
(FM7)ルパン3世カリオストロの城(D77) Lupin 3-sei - Cagliostro no Shiro
(FM7)ルパンIII世(T77) Lupin 3-sei

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:51 pm
by hardmanm
Gamebase FM-7 has now been uploaded for your pleasure:-

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:38 pm
by Vicman
Great ! Thanks Mark.
You are really fast 8)

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:42 pm
by OX
There's just no stopping the Hardman :D

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:32 pm
by sjakie43
Thanx Mark ! 8)

Galaga ! :lol:


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:26 pm
by sut
Great Gamebase - Silpheed is great !